About The Visitor

Hi and welcome to the Visitor, I’m Isabel! I have one key mission for my business, to help you step straight into the real heart of Melbourne’s most fascinating local areas and markets.

We are Melbourne locals, crazy foodies and world citizens. We treasure the opportunity to experience the real heart and soul of the places we visit and we crave experiences that let us live life as the locals do.

Melbourne is a thriving multicultural and artistic city of food lovers, that comes most alive in the suburbs and villages that surround the city centre.

Each has its own distinct personality and character that is absorbing, enlightening and just waiting to be shared with visitors.

It is such a dynamic place that even we locals have a job keeping up! It can be an elusive city, with many treasures hidden to the naked eye.

These are the places to discover our food, meet our community, feel our history, live our culture.

So, as if you were visiting an old friend, we are your “someone in the know” for discovering Melbourne’s cultural riches beyond the mainstream or cliché.

Join us at the Visitor and step into the real Melbourne Story.